Role Play Advice

Role playing is a great way to spice up your sex life. It can bring new interest in the bedroom, and can help keep couples happy and faithful. Role playing can be a lot of fun, but for first timers it can feel strange and uncomfortable. There are several things you can do to overcome this and have a great time.

Set Guidelines

Before you embark on any role play in the bedroom you need to come up with some ground rules. If there are things you simply aren’t willing to do, this needs to be communicated before hand. If you are role playing with rougher roles, you need to have a way to let your partner know that they don’t want to continue. Many couples use a safe word. This should be something that isn’t ordinarily said during sex so it won’t get confused. Think of a color, or a food, as these aren’t typically excited mutterings.

Start Mild

If you are new to role-playing, try to start with a scenario that isn’t too off the wall. If your partner works as a secretary, try to incorporate that in to the scenario. This will make it more comfortable to get in to the role without feeling silly. Once that’s done and your comfort levels are higher, move on to other scenarios until you’ve found one that you both love.

Be Willing to Stop

It’s not uncommon to get in to a scene just to have the other person not getting that in to it. When this happens, you will need to regroup and try something else. Never take anything personally. If your partner isn’t comfortable after you’ve started, just understand that it may have sounded like a good idea but the practice isn’t what they expected.

May 20th, 2011 by thesapphicerotica

Romantic Dreams

You will find that whenever you think about your romantic dreams that they may be detailed and intricate. You may dream about candles and soft music with flowers and chocolate or you may think about eating ice cream together in bed.

Tell Your Partner

Believe it or not, you may actually have to tell your partner what you consider is romantic. This is something that a lot of people think spoils the mood. However, if you simply tell them what you consider romantic you are not necessarily telling them how to be romantic towards them. Telling them what your idea of romance is will allow them to help play into your dreams and fantasies.

Show Some Initiative

If you are simply waiting around for your partner to be romantic to you then you are more than likely going to be waiting for a long time. You are going to need to show that you are open to romance and that it is something that is important to you. You will find that not everybody is romantic, you may need to tweak your dreams a little to match your partner’s romance tolerance level.

Have Fun

Romance does not always have to be so serious. You may find that simply being able to kick back and laugh with your partner can be incredibly romantic. Knowing that you get each other and that you are not trying too hard for the romance to be there is a great way for it to sneak up on you.

April 19th, 2011 by thesapphicerotica

What is A Bull/Slave Relationship?

A bull/slave relationship is a twist on the traditional master/slave combination. It also typically involves cuckolding. In this type of arrangement, the husband is forced to watch as the bull dominates his wife. In most cases the husband is present, but in some arrangements the husband won’t be around. The husband can be straight or bi, as in many situations the husband acts as a fluffer for the bull. There are several different terms that are used in this arrangements. Here’s a quick overview so you can better understand.

Black Bull

This refers to a Caucasian couple who has chosen a black man to be the bull. Since it’s a common erotic fantasy for white women to take black lovers, and it’s not uncommon for white men to assume that black men are better endowed, this is the most common type of bull/slave relationship.

Working Bull

Another variation of the bull/slave relationship is the working bull. A working bull refers to a man that the cuckolding couple will see as inferior. Think of the pool boy, the cable guy, etc. This is a turn on for many because the inferior male takes control of the woman.


This isn’t as common as the above two, but it’s a variation that is seen often. Many husbands get off thinking about their wives with their exes. In most cases the ex-bull isn’t actually an ex, but roleplays one for the couple.

March 2nd, 2011 by thesapphicerotica

Are you dominant or submissive?

It is a good idea for you to know if you are a more dominant or submissive. This is something that will help you to know which role you will be better off playing in the bedroom. You will find that things that you do in everyday life will help you to understand which of these categories you fall under.

Dominant Traits

If you tend to take the lead in any project or work matter then this is a more dominant trait. If people have called you controlling or go to you when they want to know how to do something then you are more than likely a more dominant person. Dominant people tend to like to take charge in life and in the bedroom.

Submissive Traits

People that are more submissive tend to enjoy getting told what to do. They do not like to make decisions for themselves and they always make good followers. If you are often the one asking questions as opposed to the one answering them then you can consider yourself a more submissive person.

Sexual Traits

If you find yourself taking charge in the bedroom then you are more than likely going to be a good dominator. You will be the one in charge of what happens to your partner. You will make them do what you say and you will be in charge of when you are both finished. If you tend to do whatever it is that your partner tells you in bed then you are a perfect candidate to get dominated in bed.

February 14th, 2011 by thesapphicerotica

Turning Fantasy into Reality

Turning a fantasy into reality is something that not very many people get the chance to do. There are a lot of different types of fantasies out there. It is up to you on how you wish to make them a reality. Whatever your fantasy is, chances are you will be able to find a willing partner or partners that will be more than happy to help you turn it into a reality.

Where to Look

Depending on what your fantasy is, the best place to typically look into making it happen is online. Look up sites that are dedicated to whatever it is that interests you sexually. Most of these sites can provide to you message boards and forums as well as chat rooms filled with people that share your same interests. Always use caution whenever you meet with somebody on the internet.


No matter what it is that you are into, there are ways that you can make it something safe and legal. Even if you are into things that can be considered dangerous and therefore illegal, look into role playing. Role playing is something that can help to make any fantasy turn into a reality. You will simply need to find a partner that is willing to take part of this fantasy with you. It is a good idea to go with somebody that has experience in role playing so that they are more believable. Somebody that is not believable in role play can kill the mood.

January 22nd, 2011 by thesapphicerotica

How to spice up your love life

If you are looking to spice up your love life then there are a few different things that you can do with your partner. You will find that this is something that can be a lot of fun and will help you to know each other on a deeper and more personal level. Make sure that you take the time to listen to each other so that you can work together in spicing up your love life.


While talking to your partner is not typically something that a lot of people think qualifies as spicing up their sex life it is crucial. Sit down and talk to them about what you want in the bedroom and what they want. You will find that once you are on the same page you will be able to move on to the more fun stuff.


Tell your partner what your ultimate fantasy is and have them tell you what theirs is. From there, take turns helping the other live out their ultimate fantasy, if you need ideas you can read some literotica or Swinger Stories. You may find that you both are able to fully enjoy the other’s fantasy as much as they did. These can be fun and interesting ways to get your love life back where you want it to be.


If you both are curious about certain things or are just looking for ideas then simply do some research. Go to the book store or look online at different places that can give you advice on sex positions or sexy games that you can play with each other.

December 11th, 2010 by thesapphicerotica

Romance in dating

It is important not to get your hopes up with romance in dating. You will find that there are a lot of different ways that you can end up getting disappointed or going over the top. Make sure that you know the person your with, everybody has a different threshold for how much romance they can take.

Expecting Too Much

It can be easy for women to get swept away with cheesy romance novels, romantic comedies and even over the top marriage proposals online. Make sure that you know that the person that you are with is more than likely not going to sweep you off your feet like the men in the books and movies. Even the real people in the marriage proposals aren’t like that all the time.

Over the Top

If you happen to be really into somebody and want to show them in a romantic way, start small. You will find that doing too much too fast can scare a person off. This is something that is especially true if the person is not really into romantic things. Make sure that you know the person that you are being romantic for and try to be romantic in a way that they can appreciate.


The best way to be romantic is to listen. This way, you can do things that are romantic because they are specific to the person that you are with. Anybody can send flowers but sending her favorite flowers in her favorite color with an inside joke attached to the card is something that only you can do for her.

November 19th, 2010 by thesapphicerotica

Your Soulmate

If you are on a quest for your soulmate then you need to keep a few things in mind. Being able to find somebody that completes you and makes you happy may not be as easy as some want it to be. When it comes to finding your soulmate you will find that you are going to need some patience and some common sense so that you don’t make any wrong decisions.

Don’t Rush

Just because you don’t see fireworks or feel lightheaded when you first meet somebody does not necessarily mean that they aren’t your soulmate. Give a person time and get to know them. If you immediately rush off to the next person then you may find yourself missing out on a really great catch that could have been the one.

Don’t Push

If you really like a person then don’t try to push them to be somebody that they’re not. If you try to make them like the same things as you or if you find yourself changing yourself to be more compatible with them then you may need to take a break from this person. Your soulmate is somebody that you can be yourself around.

Be Smart

Don’t allow any pretty face to trick you into thinking that they are more than they are. If you are desperate to find your soulmate then you may end up settling with somebody that you are not truly happy with. Take your time and relax. When you find them, you’ll know.

October 18th, 2010 by thesapphicerotica

Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures can be a sign that you like somebody or that you want to take things to the next level. It is important that the romantic gesture does not come off too strong or send the wrong message. Something sweet and simple is usually the best way that you can let the other person know exactly how you feel about them.

Start Slow

If you are just getting to know somebody sending them 3 dozen roses after the first date may be coming on a little too strong. You don’t want to scare them away. A small, tasteful bouquet of flowers along with a note telling them that you had a great time is a sweet and thoughtful way to let them know you had fun.

Be Specific

If you remember your date talking about their favorite sports team or band then show them that you were listening with a relevant gift. If they talk about a specific type of candy that they absolutely love, surprise them with a box of it. Get them a gift that is specific to what they were saying. A romantic gesture that is specific to the person that you are with makes it even more romantic.


You want the gesture to say the right thing. Don’t let them get the wrong idea with what it is that you are saying. If you don’t think that your partner is ready for sex then don’t surprise them with lingerie or something else that may scare them off.

October 7th, 2010 by thesapphicerotica